Karnataka is one of the mesmerizing south Indian states and attracts several tourists each year. There are a number of beautiful places to visit in Karnataka and Madikeri is one of them. Madikeri is a prominent place in the district of Coorg which is popular for the coffee plantations. The serenity of the place is intact with the modern-day development not disturbing the pleasant environment of the hill station. It is an intriguing, enthralling, and the most popular hill station of South India. The heavenly little hill station of the Coorg district is among the favorite tourist destinations.

Major Tourist Attractions in Karnataka

Surrounded by the Western Ghats mountain range, the hill station offers spellbinding views and pristine tourist hotspots. The hill station not only offer natural beauty but also some historical architectural marvels.

Best Places to Visit in Madikeri

Madikeri is famous for its awe-inspiring natural beauty that will blow your mind away. Explore the beautiful town of Madikeri and get the best out of your vacation.

Raja’s Seat

It is a majestic garden and historical landmark full of enthralling beauty. The garden is popular for its fascinating fountains and various ambrosial flowers. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Karnataka and one can witness colorful statues of animals in the garden. The view from here is really mesmerizing and the background of lush landscapes adds more charm to its beauty. Relax in the mesmerizing nature and enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

Madikeri Fort

The fort was built by King Mudduraja in the 17th century and later claimed and redesigned by Tipu Sultan. The palace inside the fort has now been converted into a government office. The beautiful architecture is one of the oldest forts in the town and is still very much in its original state. The fort is considered as the National Heritage Site. Apart from its ancient beauty, there is also a stunning statue of elephants which is popular among the tourists. The history and beauty of the fort make it one of the best tourist spots in Karnataka.

Best Places to Visit in Karnataka

Omkareshwara Temple

The temple is cuddled in the picturesque surroundings and has cosmic serenity around it. There is a pretty pond in front of the temple and people feed the fishes in the pond. As the name suggests, the temple is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva. The extravagant temple also boasts its fantastic architecture. It is located in a large complex and the surroundings are well organized which make it one of the famous attractions of Karnataka. The temple is a wonderful place to meditate and acquire inner peace.

Abbey Falls

The falls are one of the main attractions of Karnataka and captivate numerous tourists with their unparalleled beauty. The surrounding regions of the Abbey falls are well maintained and one can easily find the parking areas around. The waterfall is quite picturesque and the view here is simply spectacular. One can also spot a lovely bridge near the waterfall and the whole place looks surreal during the monsoons. It is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Madikeri.

There are a number of places to explore in Madikeri which offer a relaxing and soothing experience. The charming hill station is quite charming and is one of the best tourist hotspots in Karnataka. Soothe your senses and revitalize your soul amidst the entwining nature’s beauty.