Kerala is popularly known as God’s Own Country because of its scenic beauty and pristine environment. It is an all-time favorite tourist destination and receives great love from its guests. Let’s explore the reasons why Kerala is so popular in the tourism industry:

Famous Tourist Hotspots in Kerala

Enchanting Backwater Destination

Kerala is bestowed with many beautiful backwaters such as Alleppey, Kovalam, Kumarakom, etc. which will certainly make you fall in love with them. The backwaters are one of the famous tourist hotspots in Kerala. These backwaters also allow tourists to have the experience of a relaxing houseboat ride. The houseboat ride gives a chance to the tourists to get intimate with nature and energize themselves with peace. To make the trip more memorable, one can also explore the remote villages of the region.

Serene Beaches and Hill Stations

Not only peaceful backwaters, but Kerala also allows the visitors to have the taste of beach life amidst nature. Explore the amazing beaches of Kerala and get lost in amazing scenarios. The hill stations and beaches are the popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Apart from mesmerizing beaches, there are also breathtaking hill stations like Munnar, Vagamon, Athirappally, Gavi, etc. They are blessed with beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, and much more.

Ayurveda Treatment and Massage

Kerala is best known for its Ayurveda spa and treatments. There are manyplaces to visit in Kerala which promise to give the best ayurvedic therapies for many chronic and rare illnesses. Massages and spas will help in rejuvenating the mind and also energize the body. Ayurveda treatment and massages are the best way to explore the peaceful side of the state.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Kerala

Climate and Weather

The climate and weather of Kerala is another reason which makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations in India. Kerala offers moderate temperature during the summer as well as winter season. One can visit the state throughout the year due to its comfortable and serene atmosphere.

Authentic Food Items

Kerala is famous for its authentic and unique spices. There are manyfamous destinations in Kerala which allows tourists to learn more about spice plantations. Now, Kerala is also famous for its Spice Tourism. There are a wide variety of food items including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. One interesting thing about the food is that the delicacies are served on a banana leaf. Coconut is the main ingredient in every cuisine in Kerala.

Traditions and Culture

Kerala is a lively state and celebrates a lot of festivals. Any time you visit Kerala; there will be a high chance for you to encounter any local and vibrant festival. The place is dotted with many temples and shrines and if you want to explore the spiritual side and attain peace, then you should visit Kerala.

There are variouspopular tourist destinations in Kerala which are the perfect blend of serene and vibrant culture. The state also has good tourism facilities and is well connected with most parts of the country.